Description of the public space

Access to the raised ground level below the building will be on the western side. Here, both access to the car park and the ramp for pedestrians will be located. Placing access on this side literally raises the building, seen from Van Lohuizenlaan, above the green zone.

The raised square offers a beautiful view across the water and the marina. A spatial link is created between the square and the marina in the form of a rough wooden floor, extending from the catering facilities and the marina office, over the quay to the floating café deck and the access to the jetties.

Access to the various areas and building sections is located on the square. Together, the building and the square form a single public, accessible whole.

The finish of the ground level will be principally natural stone, through which the rough wooden walkways will run, providing a link to the marina. The quay will have a rough, industrial finish in steel-reinforced concrete paving slabs.